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Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Date & Time: January 20 2019 9:00am-5:00pm

Location: World Academy of Dental Education

13043 166th St. Cerritos CA. 90703

Innovative & Safe (Eagle’s Modified Sinus Lift Technique (EMSLT) Demonstration and Comprehensive Lecture for all skill level Implantologists


This 8 hour seminar is designed for doctors to learn biology and healing of soft and hard tissue regeneration :

•Participants will learn advanced bone grafting techniques to achieve predictable and successful outcome in performing sinus lifts and ridge augmentation

•Participants will learn detailed utilization and application of CBCT, Piezoelectric Bone Surgery, CGF (concentrated growth factors), and AFG (Autologous fibrin glue) for sticky bone fabrication.


Dr. Nam has near 30 years of experience doing dental implants and oral surgery. Has placed and restored over 30,000 dental implant cases , done over 1500 sinus cases, and 300 complete oral rehabilitation cases.

Dr. Nam has also perform all scopes of countless oral surgical procedures such as 3rd molar extractions, apicoectomies, bone grafts, transplants, and more. Dr. Nam has lectured and performed numerous live surgery demonstrations domestically and internationally in countries such as Mexico, Myanmar, and Cambodia. Dr. Nam is currently Visiting Lecturing Professor at Int’l Univ. in Cambodia. Dr. Nam has been awarded fellow, Master, and Diplomate from Int’l Congress of Oral Implantology.

Dr. Nam has received BS at UCI, 1985, University Scholar BDS, DDS from UCSF in 1989, Dental and CA Graduate Fellow Scholar & have trained in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Clerkship from UCSF/San Francisco General Hospital Scott Dental Group, San Francisco, Chief Associate and Surgeon South East Dental Group, Chief Associate and Surgeon. Dr. Nam is Founder , CEO, and COS at Grace Dental Image Center in La Habra, CA and Director of GDIOSAI( Grace Dental Implant Oral Surgery, Aesthetic Institute. Dr. Nam is also Founder and Chief Executive Director of Christ’s Heart Ministries(CHM), conducted non-profit medical mission services over 27 years in countries such as North Korea, China, Myanmar, Cambodia, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, and more.

Dr. Nam along with team of plastic surgeons from South Korea have conducted and performed cleft lip and palate surgeries in

Myanmar(Medical Mission/Humanitarian Effort).


•Understand the indications, guidelines, and surgical protocols for bone grafting procedures

•Describe the anatomy, biology and would healing process of hard and soft tissue augmentation

•Learn the concept of minimally invasive crestal sinus elevation(PHISE) utilizing piezo device

•Learn different incision designs, flap designs, and suturing technique

•Learn the concept of ridge expansion/splitting and their usage of immediate implant therapy

•Learn the concept and clinical application of CGF and AGF usages in Implant and Oral surger •Learn how to make AFG enhanced bone(sticky bone) for ridge augmentation and sinus graft

•Learn paradigm shift of socket preservation, ridge augmentation, and sinus graft utilizing cgf only

•Learn how to recognize and prevent complications associated with bone grafting


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