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Cosmetic & Medical Treatments utilizing PRP, APAG, ICF and Ozone

Cosmetic & Medical Treatments utilizing PRP, APAG, ICF and Ozone


Recent skin improvement trend: using one's own blood for treatment. Utilizing CGF and PRP from platelets to promote tissue healing and collagen production. Aids in reducing signs of aging. Widely used in various medical fields and cosmetics. Dr. Sook Hong will discuss about various treatment methods utilizing PRP based autologous injectables and bio materials. 

  • General Information

    *Course Brochure Download*



    "Cosmetic & Medical Treatments utilizing PRP/LPCGF, APAG, ICF and Ozone"


    Course Speaker: 

    Dr. Sook Hong, NMD



    • October  15, 2023 (SUN) 9:00AM - 5:00PM


    CE units earned: 

    8 CEU  



    $795 - Lecture & observation only

    $1095 - Lecture & hands-on *Hands-on session is limited to 10 participants only. All hands-on registrations are NOT accepted online. Please send an email to or call 714.335.9739 to register



    World Academy of Dental Education

    (Young's Dental Training Facility 1F)

    13043 166th Street

    Cerritos, CA 90703


  • Speaker

    Dr. Sook Hong / Naturopathic Physician (NMD)


    Dr. Hong is a retired dentist of 30 years, has transitioned into a career as a health consultant in San Francisco. With certification as a naturopathic doctor, she also imparts her knowledge through teaching at various holistic organizations like IAOCI (International Academy of Ceramic Implantology) and Ozone Master Classes.

  • Course Objectives

    In this day-long workshop, Dr. Sook Hong will cover the following topics: 

    • Understanding PRP and learning about growth factors present in platelets
    • How and Why to “Activate PRP”
    • Benefit of “Activated PRP” in wound healing and face rejuvenation
    • How to transform PRP into a Plasma Gel to use it as a filler method
    • Performing the procedure of “activated PRP” on hair regrowth, scar, enhancing skin tone and uniformity, and hand rejuvenation
    • Combined PRP and Ozone treatment
    • Utilizing PRP for TMJ treatment
    • Aftercare
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