Dentistry Next Generation: 2 Day Advanced Oral Surgery & Implantology Mastership


Dentistry Next Generation: 2 Day Advanced Oral Surgery & Implantology Mastership Overview

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    Dentistry Next Generation : 2 Day Advanced Oral Surgery & Implantology Mastership Overview

    Course Director: 

    Prof. Ioannis P. Georgakopoulos

    Clinical Professor of Advanced Oral Surgery & Implantology Univ. of Bari “Aldo Moro”, Italy

     Faculty of BPP University School of Dentistry  in London, UK



    Feb 8-9, 2020 (Sat) - (Sun) 9:00AM - 5:00PM


    CE units earned: 

    16 CEU 


    $995 (Meal and refreshments included). 

    $795 *Early discount until 1/15/2020



    World Academy of Dental Education.

    13043 166th St. Cerritos, CA 90703

  • Speaker


    Prof. Ioannis P. Georgakopoulos

    • University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, Italy, Clinical Prof. in the Postgraduate program , Master in “Advanced Oral Surgery & Implantology” Level II

    • BPP University, Faculty of Dentistry London - UK, Faculty member

    University of Modena & Reggio Emilia, Italy. PhD School “Enzo Ferrari” Faculty of Mechanical Engineering & Biomaterials. A. Professor until June 2015

    • FMD State University of Tirana Dental School, Albania V. Professor

    • University of Athens, Dental School, Athens - Greece, DDS.

    • University of Patras, Medical School, Rio - Greece, MD & Ph.D.

    • University of Michigan Ann Arbor USA, Certificate in Oral Biology

    • Temple University, Certificate in Implantology

    • University of Vienna, Dental School, Master Degree in Laser Applications

    • Diploma SOLA Laser Academy

    • Athens University of Economics & Business, AUEB - ASOEE. Executive MBA

    • President of WAGRO (World Academy of Growth Factors & Stem Cells in Dentistry)

    • Inventor of IPG-DET Sinus Technique

  • Course Outline


    • IPG-DET Technique

    Implant placement in the Sinus without S.F.E. (Sinus Floor Elevation)

    “Sinus Floor Elevation is Modern Dentistry’s Dead Science”.

    An innovative technique that turns complicated Sinus approach to simple for all Dentists.


    • 3rd Generation Fixed Implant Prosthesis

    Fixed Implant Prosthesis without screws and without cement,

    Ph.D School “Enzo Ferrari” .


    Any kind of Fixed Implant prosthesis, No Soft Tissue Damaged, No Parallel Implants, No Aesthetic Zone Screws, Confrontation of Dis-parallelism more than 85 degrees,  No Forces on the Implant, Complete Passive Implant-Prosthesis, Easy to Remove, Control & Repair, Easy Protocol and Always the Same.


    • Stem Cells and Growth Factors

    The use of Stem Cells and Growth Factors in every day dental practice, Myth and reality.


    Can we collect only Stem Cells from the patient’s blood?

    Can we use processed Stem Cells for Dental Treatments?

    Growth Factors in Oral Surgery, Implantology, Perio, Endo, Ortho, etc.

    Tooth pulp and Bio-engineering organs

    Biology Guided Periodontitis and Peri-implantitis treatments


    • Facial and Perioral Aesthetics

    - What are the permitted applications and possibilities for the DDS degree holders?

    Our goal is to create fake faces?

    Our main priority must be a continuously develop in tomorrow’s innovations that are able to provide natural and long lasting results.


    • Immediate Implant Placement

    - In infection sockets

    - In the problematic posterior maxilla


    • Immediate Implant placement and immediate loading

    Full arch biology guided rehabilitation with the use of Biology Abutments


    • Autologous Tooth Bone Graft

    - Transform your patients tooth to autologous tooth bone graft

    - Autologous Tooth Mesh

    - New bone graft gold standard


    • Cylindrical allograft for vertical bone augmentation

    - Special allograft for GBR

    -Implant and Cylindrical allograft one piece approach


    • Autologous Biological and Bio-active Membranes

    - Use in Oral Surgery, Implantology, Socket preservation, GBR, GTR

    - Use in combination with Collagen membranes or Titanium mesh


    • Transformation in Dentistry

    Transform your patient to a “marketing maker”

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